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Member Benefits

When you join NAWBO Central Oklahoma, you’ll become part of a network of  women entrepreneurs building relationships and opportunities with one another throughout the Nation. Members are empowered by involvement in meetings and events that offer a welcoming and diverse community through business relationships. Each member has the opportunity to connect with fellow women business owners and gain, advice, education, inspiration and support locally, by region and on a National level.

Central Oklahoma NAWBO membership is open to sole proprietors, partners and corporate owners that handle the day-to-day management responsibility. Active members automatically join both the local Chapter and National organization. Benefits of membership include networking, leadership training, educational and business training as well as business collaboration opportunities with local, regional, National members and Corporate Sponsors. The Central Oklahoma Membership Dues are one of the best values statewide and Nationally compared to other dues based associations.

Membership in NAWBO Central Oklahoma offers you:

  • The opportunity to interact closely with local chapter members and over 7,000 members nationwide
  • The opportunity to interact closely with local, regional and National partners and corporate sponsors
  • Expand your National and Regional connections via business conferences
  • The chance to get involved and make a difference in your community
  • Become more knowledgeable and help support public policies that affect your business
  • Money-saving, value-added benefits through our local and corporate sponsorships
  • The opportunity to grow your business with peer support

An investment in a NAWBO membership provides a portfolio of benefits that propel business growth and fuel personal and professional development. Here are a few of the benefits that a NAWBO membership offers:

NATIONAL & LOCAL MEMBERSHIP: A NAWBO membership offers women-owned businesses a national and local platform to tap into the power of an already established community of women entrepreneurs. At the national level, NAWBO touts a membership of more than 7,000 members and 70 chapters across the country; and at the local level, members are encouraged to engage actively with their local chapter to gain access to other women business owners, leadership development opportunities and community involvement.

PARTNERSHIPS & ALLIANCES: NAWBO is an unparalleled resource for women entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the various stages of business growth. NAWBO attracts corporations and affiliate partners that offer a rich base of resources and expertise that can help propel women business owners to the next level of success.

MEMBER-ONLY BENEFITS: NAWBO members enjoy exclusive access to benefits and products that are designed to help manage their business on a day-to-day basis. Our wide network of partners and sponsors offer affinity discounts and benefits that deliver bottom line savings to our members while building a valuable network of resources that are critical to business success.

WEBSITE: NAWBO members have access to a dynamic online platform that offers a multitude of tools and resources critical for navigating the everyday challenges of business ownership. Members are assigned a unique username and password upon joining— providing a powerful platform for building a national network, connecting them with peers and tapping into valuable resources to help grow their business.

COMMUNICATIONS: NAWBO offers a variety of online communication vehicles that provide our members with pertinent information that will help make the most of their membership experience. Members receive press releases and announcements to keep them abreast of our activities at the national level; and our calendar of events help our members and chapter leaders actively participate at local and national events.

ONLINE MEMBER DIRECTORY: The online member directory enables members to update and manage their own profile and connects the entire membership base for business development and networking opportunities.

ADVOCACY & LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER: NAWBO represents a significant and united voice on issues that impact businesses daily. NAWBO’s online Legislative Action Center is designed to provide our members with the tools to learn about current legislation affecting women-owned businesses and a vehicle for exercising their political influence through action.

ANNUAL AWARDS: Through our Annual Awards Program, NAWBO gives recognition to the rising power of women business owners by commemorating the history of women’s entrepreneurial excellence and honoring the accomplishments and contributions of those who have led the way.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: NAWBO provides an opportunity for members to hone their leadership skills at the local and national level. Our extensive network of volunteer leaders are critical to the success of NAWBO and contribute significantly to building a legacy for the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

NATIONAL CONFERENCE: NAWBO’s Women’s Business Conference is the only event of its kind that provides women business owners with personal and professional business development opportunities to take their businesses to the next level of success. The annual conference brings together businesses of all sizes from all industries to celebrate and leverage the collective power of the fastest growing segment of the economy—women business owners.

NAWBO BRAND: NAWBO members are an extension of our national brand. Through entrepreneurial success and community involvement, our members help elevate NAWBO’s brand by proudly showcasing their association with an organization that propels women business owners into economic, social and political spheres of power.

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