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Looking For Your Own Peer Advisory Board?

The Central Oklahoma NAWBO Wise Council groups act as your own personal board of directors. Wise Council can help you tap into the wisdom of other successful women who own and/or manage companies. These small groups of close knit women are advisers, encouragers, and brainstormers. They help identify unique and creative ways to meet your business challenges. Continue reading

Where Will You Be October 4 & 5?

Are you ready to grow your business and build your connections?

The National Association of Women Business Owners Women’s Conference is October 4-5 and registration is now open. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet fellow business women from around the country at this huge event! Register Online



NAWBO Membership Special!

Oklahoma Women Entreprenuers NAWBO Membership DriveThe Power NAWBO® Annual Membership Drive is taking place March 1st through April 30th.

During this limited time, all new members who join NAWBO® will receive a $25 discount off national membership dues in all membership categories.

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